Testimonials & Contact

Please reach out if you are interested in purchasing a painting, or having some freelance graphic design done by Jessi


"I knew I wanted a special and expressive logo and branding for my flotation business. Jessi and I started off with an intense brainstorming session to come up with the concepts I wanted to portray. We went through several iterations, because each idea sparked another one. She was with me every step of the way, and almost instantly made tweaks until we both agreed we had found perfection. Jessi was easy to work with because she LISTENS and understands that a logo becomes a business identity. She is as committed as I am to doing what it takes to "get it right!" SSS, Zero Gravity Floating


"Jessi Sparkman is the whole deal. She is an accomplished equestrian as well as an amazingly talented artist. Her love and history with animals comes through in her artwork. She is able to capture the essence and personality of our beloved pets, be they horse, dog, bird, etc. I am so incredibly thankful to have her pastel of my special horse, Tauren. She captured his spirit in her work. Jessi is also responsible for having created my beautiful business logo. She actually took three of my horses and personalized them into the finished artwork. She was professional and dependable and the finished products speak for themselves." R. Slater

"Jessi recently created my business logo and I couldn't be more thrilled about it! It was everything I wanted. She was patient and understanding when I wrote her multiple emails because I wanted something slightly changed and she always got back to me in a very timely manner. I can't thank her enough for her amazing work!"

N Erickson, Treasure State Hostel, LLC

Vania Rey Tango

"I asked Jessi to create a logo around a signature arm band I wear. I had no idea what, and if, anything could be developed from that. She came up with an idea within hours. I really liked the concept, but didn't love it yet. So, she kept sending me modifications based on the comments I gave her, until in the end she developed my perfect logo. Thank you, Jessi!" V. Rey

Solitary Seahorse

"Every time I examine this fascinating fellow, I see something new! He hangs in our living room and gives us a sense of tranquility. The colors and brush strokes create a feeling of rich, thick textures, with just the right amount of energy. I always feel that he could dart away at any moment." MJ Grass


"At age 58, I bought my first horse. Jessi was able to capture his true essence, not only his wonderful, calm expression, (always ready to be my buddy), but also using colors that captured the excitement and joy that he brought to my life. My first comment was, "That's exactly how he looks at me!" Thanks Jessi, he is able to be with me, always." MJ Grass