Jessi Sparkman Art Studios


I am a Montana artist that uses India ink and paint as my main medium to portray the beauty of the Montana landscape around me.

I enjoy the challenge of capturing the movement of a painting in a fresh way. I am also a professional graphic designer and I incorporate my traditional artist background into my designs for ads, websites and social media campaigns for many businesses. I enjoy putting a personal touch on finished designs to help that particular business maximize their growth and sales. Please look through the pages of this website and feel free to email me with any questions.

Be vulnerable with your marks.

One of the most challenging things as an artist, is the absolute need for perfection. However, things in nature, are imperfectly perfect. When you are painting, drawing or sculpting you need to be able to make a mark and have the ability to live with it. That's the approach I take with my paintings. Using India ink and a razor blade to lay down the base drawing of a painting, I will intentionally make wide sweeping marks and leave them there without fine-tuning or painting over it and starting over. This raw movement can make for very interesting shapes that allow me to see the whole picture, so to speak.

The ability to be vulnerable with making marks on canvas and then turning them into a thing of beauty reflects in the natural world the environments ability to 'make a mark' and allow water to flow around it, the wind to shape it, the sun to touch it, etc.

Please enjoy the paintings on this web gallery. If you find a painting that you like, don't hesitate to email me for prices.

Thank you!

Fresh Paint - Oil on board

"Paint what you see, if you can't see it...then turn your canvas upside down" - Jessi Sparkman

When I'm not painting or doing graphic design, I enjoy riding my horses in the big country.